Neuro-Developmental Treatment Fredericksburg & Woodbridge, VA

Neuro-Developmental Treatment

Neuro-Development Treatment (NDT) is an advanced therapeutic approach practiced by trained Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Speech-Language Pathologists. It is a hands-on philosophy for the treatment of underlying neuromuscular conditions as well as delays in postural and motor control. Trained NDT clinicians utilize specific handling techniques to facilitate improved alignment and postural control, providing the child with the foundation for greater functional movement patterns and motor planning skills, resulting in more effective exploration of their environment.

NDT is a problem solving approach that provides a very effective framework when working with children with sensory integration dysfunction as well. This population typically presents with decreased muscle tone and postural control, and delayed motor planning skills. Many of these children also respond well to the handling techniques and the physical nature of the treatment, as the tactile and proprioceptive input provided through the clinician’s hands can help to organize a child and improve their sense of body awareness and confidence when moving through space.

NDT can be described as an intricate dance between the child and clinician. Trained hands organize and facilitate improved movement patterns lead by the child’s natural desire to be upright and moving through their world.