Solonirina H Ranaivojaona

Tisoa was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at nine months which makes it difficult to walk, stand or move her arms and legs without assistance.  Per her Physician’s recommendations Tisoa needs some physical and occupational therapy to help her to improve her overall health on those health problem.  I have enrolled Tisoa to Sensational kids Therapy in Woodbridge since 2016 and I would take her there at least once a week to follow some physical and occupational therapy.  Since we have been working with the therapist within that center, Tisoa has made lots of progress and is now able to move her legs and hands a lot.  These days Tisoa has a strong capacity to move on both legs and hands and would be able to roll out and could use her legs like a normal kids.  The therapy handled by Sensational kids are very outstanding and very encouraging to bring my child there all time. The staff are very devoted and professional in their work. I would like to highly appreciate Sensational kids in Woodbridge for their care and intention to the customer not only for the therapy that our kids may need but they are very friendly and help out the customer for their real needs.

I would recommend other parents who may have CP children to take them to Sensational kids, they are very efficient and professional as I see these days lots of positive changes on my little daughter Tisoa’s overall physical health.

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